What I Like

Solving problems, building teams

I like to solve big problems and help scale those solutions across all of engineering. I do this by focusing on a few key concepts.

Building a Foundation for Growth

We have to build a foundation for growth because what worked today will not work tomorrow at a fast-growing company.

Provide a Vision of the Future

You must paint a clear picture of the desired end state before you can ask an engineering org to make big changes. I love to paint that picture as well as lead regular feedback sessions to confirm our direction.

What I Do

Culture and technology transformations

I have carved out a niche as a person to call when your company is looking to move from the go to market phase to IPO scale and beyond. I love the challenges of hockeysticking growth in both technology and people. To make it easier I like to:

Empower DevOps Transformations

Champion Observability

Create Self-Service

Where I Work

Engineering Leadership at Kandji

I work as a Senior Director of Engineering at Kandji. Kandji is a device management solution for high-growth businesses that run Apple devices. I lead the following teams:

  • Infrastructure
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Quality Engineering
  • Quality Assurance

20 Years

In the Industry


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DevOps Transformations

From the Blog

There are many opinions on the internet. Here are some of mine.

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