Hello, I am Bryan Lokey

I make things and occasionally they aren't terrible


About Me

I am a Product Developer at Mattr, a social analytics startup in Austin.

Product Developer

At Mattr I am truely the General Manager for the product. I regularly meet with stakeholders to determine future objectives. I then determine what needs to be built and meet with the engineering lead to discuss how they will build it.

App Developer

I have developed dozens of apps in numerous languages including ruby, javascript and php. I typically work in a css/html/js/rails stack. You can checkout my Middleman 4 template, gulp workflow, or alfred workflows on github.

Product Designer

My goal as a product designer is to solve real problems and put the needs of the user first. I seek to create products that provide a meaningful purpose and justification behind each design element while also having an attractive UI.

Startup Veteran

In my time with several Austin based startups I have built an analytics dashboard used by Dell, a Social Research app used by Ford, a matching app for TechCrunch Disrupt and numerous other apps used by companies like RGA and eBay.

Here is what we have been up to at Mattr

Mattr has been chosen by Unilever Foundry as one of the top 50 marketing and ad-tech startups in the world

Unilever, Cannes, 2015

Mattr is on of the top 50 Startups to Watch in Austin

Built in Austin, Austin, 2015


Here is a look at some of the projects I have worked on. Full portfolio available
upon request.