The Lifeguard App

Allows for simple management of user data that does not have a consistent data structure.

Powerful User Management
Cross-Platform Data
Automated Workflows
Multi-Language Support

The Problem

When Mattr made the move to the influencer focused product one of the goals was to actively monitoring 1 million influencers within the first year. It quickly became clear that there would need to be an effective way to manage and interact with this massive amount of influencers. The app would need to integrate with API's from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Facebook and Tumblr and allow Mattr admins to manage more than a million influencers in 3 languages.


The Solution

Lifeguard was conceived and built as a companion app to the Mattr Influencers platform. The data is organized in to 3 ‘pools' which indicate the status of the influencer. The Mattr pool for live production influencers, the Holding pool for the suspended Influencers and the Matching pool for influencers with data currently being processed. Any user with admin access can promote, demote, and edit any information on an influencer not derived by analysis. e most commonly used function in Lifeguard is influencer edit. Direct editing of influencer data allows admin users to easily fix any issues with programmatically matched influencer data.


Data Sources

1 Million

User Profiles




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