The Influencers App

An advanced social search engine that provides sub-second responses across more than 900 million results.

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In-Depth Analytics
Multisource Communication
Advanced Filters

The Problem

The Influencers app was created as a pivot away from Mattr's previous focus the Brands App. The Brands App classified people by personality types and demographics based on social analysis. This allowed the user to gain insight about the types of people interacting with their brand online. After over a year of iteration on the Brands App it became clear that the approach to persona creation and search was too watered down in the Brands app to be truly effective. While the Brands app displayed detailed stats at an aggregated level it did not allow the user to look at the content of individual people. It also needed a much deeper search interface to allow the user to exclude and weight search terms, as well as apply custom filters.


The Solution

The Influencers app was created with advanced search at the heart of its design and conception. The advanced text search is powered by Elasticsearch. This not only allows for the necessary weighting and exclusion, but also uses a standard pattern for search operators. The Mattr Influencers App is currently in use by tech innovators like RGA and eBay. It integrates with API's from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Tumblr and allows users to search in real time across 1 million Influencers with more than 900 million interactions.

1 Million

Influencer Profiles

900 Million

Searchable Interactions


Data Sources


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