The Cannibal App

A choose-your-own-adventure app that provided data and feedback for the improvement of the Whitli API.

Facebook Integration
Realtime Feedback
Choose Your Own Adventure

The Problem

Whitli needed to test an algorithm that backed their social matching API. For this test to be effective they would need thousands of Facebook users to authorize their app and give them feedback on the quality of the matching analysis. Their initial attempts involved a simple form/quiz for the user to fill out and gained little traction. Upon taking ownership of the project and creating more accurate user personas I convinced the team we should move in a direction more engaging for the user.


The Solution

The Cannibal app was a choose-your-own-adventure app that sets the User as the main character in a story. The story is told through a book-like interface that would allow the user to flip through the pages and choose their next actions. When the analysis was complete they would be taken to a post card that showed the people they were most likely to eat and the people they were least likely to eat. By creating a more engaging experience and giving results in a format that the user wanted to share we exceed our goals for adoption rate and sharing.




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