The Cannibal App

Mining an Adventure

Whitli needed to test an algorithm that backed their social matching API. For this test to be effective they would need thousands of Facebook users to authorize their app and give them feedback on the quality of the matching analysis, but the Whitli API had a critical flaw at this time, the wait took over 30 seconds.

I wanted to inspire the idea of a journey to keep the users engaged. I created a story that puts the user in the place of a person going on a trip with all of their Facebook friends. Suddenly their plane crashes. Now that they are stranded on a frozen mountain, our app would decide which one of their friends would they eat to survive? We would use this story as a way to keep the user engaged during the wait.

The story would be told through a book-like interface that would allow the user to flip through the pages. When the analysis was complete they would be taken to a post card that showed the people they were most likely to eat (least compatible) and the people they were least likely to eat (most compatible). They could then drag people from one column to the other to give feedback on the matches.

By combining the techniques of storytelling, user-experience and through a good process of iteration we created an app that achieved it’s goal of providing more data than we expected for the improvement of the Whitli API.